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Launchpad XL midilearn problem  


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28/04/2019 4:49 am  

Hi there!


I´m having a question regarding midi-leran in Stagelight for ios!


I´m using a Launchcontrol XL on an iPad Pro 11“ and I bought the ios unlock v4.


Assigning pots and faders to volume and pan works great, also toggles to mute and solo. But if I try to assign a pot to the send-fader, it won´t work … when in midilearn-mode, klicking on the send-fader, I´m getting the option to assign, when I move the button on my Control, the option goes away, as it does usually, but nothing seems to be assigned.


The same thing seems to be happening, when trying to midilearn an external plugin parameter, like in Dubstation2.


Looking at the midi controller map, it reads „relative“ for the send and „stream plugin processor“ for the plugin parameter, so it seems like Stagelight has registered the toggles … but to no avail …


Is there something, I´m not seeing?


It would be awesome, if someone had a hint how to get these things going, because this app is brilliant and would be PERFECT for my purpose! 


Thanks and greetings from Vienna!

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03/05/2019 2:02 pm  

I have similar issues with an Arturia Beatstep. Encoders work with midi learn for pan and volume, but much more erratically elsewhere. As above, I can't 'learn' to the Send sliders. Also in the Sends FX I'm finding I can control every second knob, but just random movements for the first. E.g. with a filter FX on a send track I can control the Res, but not the Freq. In the Delay FX I can control Feedback, but not Rate - this is after changing the default midi learn property from 'Knob' to 'Encoder'

Running Synthmaster Player as a plugin I was able to midi learn 'X' and 'Y' after deselecting 'Block All Raw MIDI CC's, what is this actually for? It would really help if there were a manual to explain what all the menu settings are supposed to do. Also it would help immensely to know exactly what is supposed to work with midi-learn, it's very frustrating having to find out by endless trial and error.


Thank you



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