Midi control requests for live performing  


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09/06/2019 7:43 pm  

Hi Im new to Stagelight and music on the ipad in general. To be honest I thought production on the ipad had come much further, but Stagelight appears to be the app that comes closest to my performance needs.

I have a few small feature requests that seem like they wouldnt be a huge undertaking. These all apply to the loop builder mode. Its entirely possible that some of these might be possible already. It has been a little tedious  to have to search videos and forums to figure out the basics, I guess an online reference manual would be the first request. It took about a half an hour to find out what the follow icon did.

1- This one seems like Im just missing it cant find the setting, and is kind of a show stopper, but I want multiple instruments to be active at once so I can play them on different midi controllers. Audio tracks have the input monitoring but I dont see how to do that for plugin instruments.

2- Assign midi notes to control app. My Akai APC controllers send note data on a different channel then the keyboard notes. As of now I cant assign any of the grid buttons or even the labeled buttons, such as "play", since those send note values also. Also, my Novation Launchpad cannot be assigned to the loop grid either.

3- A toggle/hold assignable "shift" button. When they shift button is activated a midi signal would control a different button from when its not active. For example, have one button on my controller with/without shift activate both the play and record buttons on the app.

4- Change the highlighted clip through midi and assign a midi button to record/play/delete/etc the highlighted clip. 

5- A way to immediately stop a clip such as a double tap.

6- Choose if a clip is a one shot, toggled, or hold to play.


If its wasnt obvious, Im looking for the power of Ableton Live's session view for live performance and recording song ideas. I think there are a lot of us that are looking for this and Stagelight definitely has the foundation for that already and can replace Live with some small updates, especially if it utilized all of the grid controllers that are popular now in an easy way for the loop builder and step sequencer. It could also be the ultimate looper app with some tweaks like overdubbing and overwriting. 

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10/06/2019 8:38 pm  

All great requests that we will consider!  Thank you.

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