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06/05/2019 3:12 pm  

Hi. Have recently really gotten into using Stagelight, one issue with the UI though. Like a lot of apps these days the UI features a lot of black. This is cool but any chance you can have a ‘light’ mode where the piano roll background, reversed to white - or just more contrast? I really struggle in sunny days, or even just in the evening. Maybe just make the gridlines more contrasted, that would help. Anyway, cheers and keep up the development of your fantastic app.

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08/05/2019 4:37 pm  

I strongly agree. A "day" theme would be a veeeeery interesting option - app-wide, that is. It was on my list of "feature requests", glad I'm not the only one  😉 

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Travis Gallagher
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10/05/2019 3:54 pm  

Great feedback here.

Do you think you guys would want to see several theme options or just light and dark modes? 

Thanks for sharing your ideas. 

- Travis Gallagher
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Kurt Lorenz
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10/05/2019 7:17 pm  

I would love to see a few versions... maybe a light and a medium version to go with the dark one that already exists.

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