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02/06/2019 7:56 am  

Hey there,

I use Stagelight on both iPad and computer as my main -and only now- DAW.

The computer version is perfect for me, but I have a few requests for the iPad one:

-It would be awesome if you could add Audiobus 3 support, as all my other apps do work with it, it'd be awesome for my needs.

-Also -maybe it does exist but I haven't found it yet-, I'd love to be able to choose the number of keys I want to see at the same time on my screen (for the keyboard).

-Final thing, it's more a question than a request, when I travel I usually can't bring my guitar with me, so I use the PocketGuitar app, and I was wondering if there was any way to use it as a midi controller (because the guitar plugins are kinda hard to play in a realistic way using the keyboard, and I absolutely love the Linkin Park instruments, so I'd like to be able to use them in this way.

Sorry for bothering, I know it's a lot, but I just thought I'd share my thoughts with you guys.

Have a nice day,


Travis Gallagher
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02/06/2019 8:26 am  

All really good things here!

We have some work to do on our on-screen keyboards and instruments. For now- More notes can be added through the main menu under settings and interface adjust the keyboard width. We have some cool improvements to how we will do this in the future. 

Ableton Link, Audiobus and Rewire have all been big requests. So many good things to add. We are heads down for the next couple sprints so stay tuned! 

Is it auv3 and MIDI out that would make it work with pocket?

Comment if you know. SampleVerse’s play grid is awesome for some guitar style bends but not perfect as a guitar interface would be.

Thanks for the requests mate!

- Travis Gallagher
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02/06/2019 12:12 pm  

Thanks, I didn't know we could change the keyboard width, it's perfect! 🙂

Don't worry, I'm gonna stay here forever 😀

In Audiobus, I can use PocketGuitar whether as an Audio input or as a midi output.

Yeah, you're totally right, I hadn't really used Sample Verse a lot, but yeah it's awesome!

Thank you so much! 



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