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Matthew Presley
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21/03/2019 6:26 pm  

Just some guidelines on bug reporting.


New issues should be reported under a new discussion. Before posting a new issue, do a quick search to check if another tester has reported the same issue. When reporting issues, please provide as much detail as possible. The goal is to communicate exact repro steps so our internal testers and developers can find and correct the issue. Below are examples of a good bug report and a bad bug report.


MIDI Transposing is broken. Fix it!


MIDI Transposing is not working properly when using the transpose buttons located in the inspector edit panel in the MIDI Editor

Repro Steps

1. Add an Instrument track in a song and create a MIDI pattern
2. Open the MIDI pattern Note Editor and add a few notes.
3. Expose the Transpose buttons and press the Select All button
4. Press the transpose up and down buttons.

The selected notes do not move up or down when pressing the transpose up and down buttons

Please be kind and courteous to other testers.. We're all here to help make StageLight better. 

Thanks for reading and happy testing!

Matthew Presley

Matthew Presley
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