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VoiceSynth workflow ~ midi to audio track?  


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14/05/2019 11:59 pm  

I’ve been trying to work within the current limitations of stagelight and create a viable workflow using it

One question I have yet to solve

I currently use VoiceSynth in my productions for it’s autotune effect

Voice Synth allows you to select a midi input source so that it will pitch shift the incoming audio to the incoming midi note value-this is done via midi note input, not midi cc input

To allow for midi routing this way in hosts that do not allow midi to be routed to an audio track, the VoiceSynth interface has a selection interface within it’s GUI that allows you to select which midi input source should be read for note values

If I record singing on an audio track in Stagelight while I am simultaneously playing midi notes, how can I have these notes recorded in such a way that they effect the performance of VoiceSynth during playback of the vocals?

Someone had said that Stagelight does not currently output midi, is there a way to record the midi notes to a midi track in stagelight, and somehow pipe this midi data to VoiceSynth?

Would using RouteMIDIApp create a work around that would allow midi to be piped out of stagelight and then funneled back into voicesynth?

Would any of this be any easier if we were talking about reading midi cc values on an audio track rather than note values?

Thank you so much for any suggestions or tips!!



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