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19/04/2019 12:02 pm  

The ability to change the interface's look and feel

The ability to modify and create your own synths like blocks or modulation

The ability to edit sounds, stretch the way you want it and reverse sound clips and maybe even midi notes who knows

Better piano roll editing

Better media manager. Which means you would be able to easily access your media with a interface that lets you save your shortcuts of folders you have and be able to pop up the media menu anytime you want with the click of a side button or also the ability to turn that feature on and off

Better Automation features. Meaning having automation in a separate track and container. Like FL STUDIO does it with their automation. Meaning you can place the same automation in boxes anywhere on your tracks without having to re-write or re-process automation's.

More categorising for the purchases you did so you can uninstall or delete the ones you don't want and keep the ones you want.

FM Synths with maybe some modular synths

Moog filter like filters if possible. Doesn't have to be exact just more customization on filtering and LFOs maybe as a separate effect

Did I mention the ability to stretch clips and midi clips and snap it to which ever interface you put?

Yes I did which is why I should mention also a better interface for snapping and modifying clips and midi. Better ability to move, edit or cut the pieces you want of midi and audio when you want it directly on the song editor window.

Now that I mention it. Better seperation of windows. For those that has more then one monitor and would like to see their mixer opened on one and the song editor on another and so forth.

I think thats about all I can think of at the moment. Hopefully it'll make it in 🙂 I think its really necessary to have a DAW that does it all don't you think 😀 Anyways hope you guys enjoy these ideas and hopefully it will be implemented in the near future.

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