Request to add sidechain compression  


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22/07/2019 7:49 am  

Strongly required to add side chain compression, an essential effect for making electronic music.

Rick van Meijel
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23/07/2019 5:42 am  

Yes good call! Been missing this feature too

George Metzger
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26/07/2019 1:09 pm  

When making new instruments, you can change an LFO to master volume, then change it to an (inverted?) saw (the one where the lines slant downward) . Change the depth to fairly high (60-80%) and quarter notes to get a sidechained sound on the instrument.


Otherwise, I find the "pump" preset in the compressor very lacking, and real sidechaining is needed.

Not trying to be mean, just want Stagelight to be even better. 🍻


Travis Gallagher
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29/07/2019 5:34 pm  

Thanks for that feedback. We'll take that one into consideration. Cheers!

- Travis Gallagher
Stagelight Marketing Manager & Creative Director



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