RITA! by Zeeriot...  


George Metzger
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21/05/2019 8:23 pm  

My nephew, who just turned 11, wanted to make a song for his birthday. My little brother asked me to make some beats for them to work with, and I made some drums I really liked in Stagelight. I exported them as wav files and my brother and nephew worked in Audacity on this song for days, several hours each day... 

I know it isn't all that great, but my little brother worked really hard on it with my nephew. 

I published it for them on Routenote, which I heard about from someone in the Google+ community. The process was pretty straightforward. It will be a couple months before I can give any feedback on how their payments work and if the terrible rumors about them online are true. They put it on Spotify about a week after submission, YouTube a few days after submission, Amazon music about two weeks, and it still isn't on Soundcloud... 

Anyway, I don't think anyone will like it for more than a laugh, but please remember that every single like, listen and comment (that doesn't say how horrible it is) makes this kid's day. He was crying tears of joy when it hit 1,600 listens on Spotify. 

Here is the YouTube link, and a quick search of 'Zeeriot' will have it on Amazon and Spotify. Good luck!



Rick van Meijel
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25/05/2019 1:39 pm  

Pretty fun beat, I think your brother and nephew are onto something! 😆



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