Proper Stagelight reference manual?  


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when I acquire/buy a new device or software app, I like to read its documentation first. And I mean READ, not watching videos. You can't refer to a video during use of software, since the thing you're looking for might buried anywhere within it. I'm searching in vain for proper reference manual for Stagelight, where I could read about ALL its features, procedures, shortcut keys/gestures, etc., and where I could search index for anything. Any chance to get such a manual for Stagelight? Its "help" is just a joke, I stumbled upon several occasions part of my work might be lost because of steps made not in proper order, e.g. time signature setup/change.

Travis Gallagher
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Hey that’s a great point. Currently we are working on a manual. No release time for that is available today but we will be providing an official announcement in the forums. I would like to recommend our video series Stagelight 0 to 100 for  good in-depth tutorials. Watch them if you haven’t already at: 

- Travis Gallagher
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I devoured the 0 to 100 series and it was really, really great, but I too love a good old fashioned pdf manual I can have loaded in iBooks for reference on the go!

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