Module 3: Like a pro

OSC Communication

As the name suggests the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol stands for controlling audio over the network. But today you can control many other things e.g. streaming software and hardware like OBS or the ATEM Mini. A precondition to getting started is a running OSC server. For the setup with ATEM Mini, you will need the atemOSC free software. Please install and connect it before.

Steps to set up:

  • Install, configure and connect atemOSC
  • To configure the IP address and the port in StageLight go to the menu and choose the topic OSC. 
  • After this, you can configure an OSC command for each cue.

Now each time you activate a cue the configured OSC command will be sent through the network using UDP.

The following commands are supported:

  • <PATH>


  • /atem/mini/program f 1
  • /atem/mini/macros/3/run

To see it in action:

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