Multiple Universes

Manage and control fixtures and groups in up to 10 DMX universes.

Fixture Library

StageLight provides a collection of fixtures based on the Open Fixture Library.


Connect a MIDI Controller and turn StageLight into a hardware lighting console or synchronize Cue Lists with your favorite DAW.

Control Channels

The StageLight app works fixture-based. You can assign a single fixture, a group, or a cue list to one of these channels in up to 200 pages.

Import and Export

Export and import projects or custom fixtures. To do this, use any share application (e.g. iCloud, Dropbox, AirDrop…) to share the projects with your friends or colleagues or between different iPads.

Cues and Cue Lists

Record Cues and playback them in Cue Lists as Sequence or as Chase. Different trigger and sync options are supported (e.g. Global BPM, Ableton Link. Midi Clock).

Ableton Link

Ableton Link is a new technology that synchronizes the beat, phase, and tempo of Ableton Live and other Link-enabled apps (DAWs) over the network. In StageLight Ableton Link is used to synchronize the chaser’s tempo.


In StageLight the Controller Interface Transport Protocol (CITP) is used to record Cues, fetch the thumbnail, and select fixtures in Capture.


In StageLight you can use Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol to control supported devices with OSC commands.


StageLight supports Lumenradio´s Bluetooth DMX protocol. This makes it possible to communicate with all Lumenradio and OEM products.