Module 1: How to get started

Patch Fixtures from the Library

Then you start the StageLight app the first time you have to patch some fixtures. 

  1. tap the fixture icon
  2. tap the + button in the navigation bar
  3. select or search for a manufacturer
  4. select a fixture
  5. select a DMX mode
  6. adjust the number of fixtures you want, the DMX start address and the offset between if necessary
  7. you can also enter a group name or you can choose the default manufacturer name
  8. you can also enter the number of the fixture control you want to assign to
  9. tap the save button

Now you have created and patched your first fixtures. You also have created a group and you have assigned the new fixtures with the fixture control on the mixing page.

If you want to modify your group please have look on „Working with Groups

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