Module 1: How to get started

Art-Net Connectivity

Art-Net is the default communication protocol. This is a way to transmit DMX messages over an IP-based network. Art-Net is based on UDP. All messages will be transmitted to all clients in this network. To use Art-Net and DMX-based fixtures you need an Art-Net/DMX converter (Art-Net Node). I have some listed on my product page. 

So if your Art-Net node is in the same network as the iPad it should automatically work as expected. 

Some common pitfalls:

  • the Art-Net node is configured for another IP range (out of your local network)
  • the Art-Net node only accepts special IP network ranges
  • the Art-Net node is configured for a different universe (in StageLight the first universe is ‚0‘

When your Art-Net node is reachable in the network, you will see it on the fixtures page. In my case it is Capture and I see also the IP address of the client.

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