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Ho Ho Ho, it is time for effects

I am excited to announce that StageLight v3.1 will be released on Monday, December 18th.

The new effects are integrated into the cue lists. There are currently 6 different types that belong to one of the two categories, time-based and sinusoidal effects.

Time-based effects

The time-based effects are relatively straightforward and behave similarly to cue lists with multiple cues, where each cue is active for a certain duration before the next one activates.

  • Color Fade Effect
  • Color Chase Effect

Sinusoidal  effects

The sinusoidal effects are a bit more complex. The animation progresses along the unit circle from 0 to 360 degrees. The percentage value from 0 to 100 is calculated from the sine value. The phase in degrees positions the various fixtures along the unit circle. This results in a „wave“ effect as the fixtures receive the calculated values with a time delay. This can be applied to movements, dimming, and colors. The color wave effect also uses the number of degrees to determine color based on the HSI color wheel.

  • Dimmer Effect
  • Color Wave Effect
  • Rainbow Effect
  • Movement Effect

The effects are very computationally intensive. That’s why you shouldn’t start multiple effects at the same time. There could also be performance issues on older iPads.

A small migration is mandatory for the troubleless update to the StageLight App Version 3.1. Please follow the migration guidelines for that.


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