StageLight v2.16 is out now!

With the new release, StageLight has a deeper integration of MIDI controllers. This brings a lot of new fantastic capabilities like the motorized fades and the state-based control layouts but also some changes to existing MIDI features.

MIDI Profiles

In addition to the manual setup called custom profile, StageLight has now a place for predefined MIDI profiles. We start with the BEHRINGER X-TOUCH COMPACT. Further profiles will come soon, e.g the MIDICRAFT.MIX

Motorized Faders

Often requested by the community – now available.
With the MIDI out support are the motorized faders are always in the right position e.g. if you change the active cue or if you navigate between different pages.

State-Based Control Layout

Based on the new MIDI profiles structure a control e.g. a knob can have different functions based on the app user interface. At one time you can use the knob to adjust the color and at the other time, you can use this knob to overwrite an existing cue.

MIDI changes

Until now you had to configure a dedicated control for each dimmer channel you want to use. Now you can only configure the dimmer channels from one page. With ‚page next‘ and ‚page previous‘, you can switch between your pages. With the predefined profiles e.g. for the X-TOUCH you can control only the first 8 channels of each page regardless of whether the iPad has more channels.


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