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StageLight v.3 Migration Guidelines

The troubleless update to the StageLight App Version 3 requires some planning and manual work. That’s why I have prepared these guidelines for you.

Version 3.0

  1. Deactivate automatic app release updates (-> Theater Lighting Part 3: 5 Tips for the Live Use)
  2. Export/Backup your project
  3. Update to StageLight 3 on a second device or in a not productive timeframe
  4. Import your project backup
    • The cues will be automatically migrated to cue lists with one cue in them.
    • The sequencer will work as before but is deprecated.
  5. Migrate your sequences manually to cues and cue lists.

Version 3.1

  1. The sequencer and the simple audio-based effects (aka. Moods) will be removed

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