Theatre Lighting

Theatre Lighting 1: Positioning and Setup

The following three tutorials deal with the topic of theater lighting. I will go into concepts and explain the realization with StageLight.

The optimal illumination of the actors, in which the face looks most natural, is achieved with 2 spotlights. Ideally, this should be positioned 45° from the top and 45° from both sides.

On theater stages, however, this is not done for all actors, but instead, the stages are divided into so-called light zones. Also, 45° cannot always be achieved structurally for all areas. In the example project used, the stage is divided into 3×3 zones (A1-C3). 2 spotlights are positioned for each zone, as shown here in the example of A1.

I create a group in StageLight for each of these 2 zone spotlights. For A1, that’s the ETC Source Four with DMX addresses 2 and 4. Since the ‚Source Four‘ isn’t in the fixture library, I’ll use a generic fixture („Desk Channel“) with an intensity channel.

In addition to the 9 zone groups, I create a group for all zones together.

I put these groups on the last bank of 10 pages in the mixer. With this, I reserve the first banks for the cues of a scene but more on that in the next tutorial.

In addition to the 18x ETC Source Four, there are 6 other Fresnel spotlights that illuminate the stage from above and 12 Martin Mac Aura Wash for the colorful atmosphere.

In the current example, zone B2 is active. The auras in the room glow blue and those for the windows are turquoise. The front 3 Fresnel lights are minimal to give the room more contour.


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